The Pleasantville Special Education Parent Teacher Association (Pleasantville SEPTA) has partnered with the Mount Pleasant Public Library to create an inclusive, multi-media parenting collection.

The SEPTA PARENTING COLLECTION, to be housed at the Library's main building at 350 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, will be comprised of books and DVDs that will provide information on both traditional areas of concern for parents (such as nutritional needs, diaper training, sleep issues, relations with peers) as well as specific issues for parents of children with special needs.

"Although our organization has been collecting educational resources for parents for several years, joining forces with the Mt. Pleasant Library has given us the opportunity to expand and diversify the collection as well as make these great resources available to the broader community." said Tara Klein, co-president of the Pleasantville SEPTA. "We are very excited about this partnership with Pleasantville SEPTA," said Library Director John Fearon. "We believe that the SEPTA PARENTING COLLECTION will be a wonderful and valued resource for parents of children of all ages, needs, abilities and challenges".

In addition to providing the Library expert advice on the development of the collection, Pleasantville SEPTA has also committed to providing financial support of $1,000, per year, for the next five years. This support will help to ensure that the collection (currently standing at 400 titles) will continue to grow and to be an access point to the latest research and advice.

The Pleasantville SEPTA is a nonprofit district-wide NYS Parent Teacher Association organized for the specific purpose of providing information and support to parents and caregivers of children with special needs, including those with 504 plans or IEP's, receiving RTI or general building level support. Its mission is to create a true sense of community for all families of children with disabilities, from EI and CPSE through high school to age 21. In an effort to create a unique support network, SEPTA sponsors great speakers, educational programs and community based resources for both parents and students.

The Mount Pleasant Public Library serves a community of 33,000 in the Town of Mount Pleasant and Village of Pleasantville. The Library's lending collection includes books, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs and periodicals. Services include story-times for children, lectures and author series for adults, and PCs and wireless internet access for the public.