Mount Pleasant Public Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trustees (& Liaisons) present:
James Calabro, Robert Huerster, Marcie Krauss, Larry Levine, Jorge Marmol, Emil Muccin, Mary Ann Quinn

Trustees (& Liaisons) absent:
Kathleen Williamson; Paulette Dimovski; Joseph Stargiotti (Village Liaison); Denis McCarthy (Town Liaison)

Also present:
John Fearon, Library Director; Vivian Gufarotti, Assistant Library Director; Martha Mesiti, Head of Adult Services

Trustee Calabro called the meeting to order at 7:35 P.M.
The minutes of the June 15, meeting were approved. Moved by Trustee Marmol, seconded by Trustee Levine, and passed.

After a review of the July Financial Review, it was moved by Trustee Krauss, seconded by Trustee Muccin, that:
It is hereby resolved that the Town Comptroller be authorized to:
•    Pay all vouchers reviewed and approved by the Library Director and the Town Comptroller, for the month of July, 2017 for a total of $82,759.30
201707-01     The motion passed.
After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Marmol, and seconded by Trustee Krauss, that:
It is hereby resolved that
•    Effective Monday, July 17 the appointments of Andrew Redahan and Mathew Stephens become permanent (previously probationary)
•    Claudia Gisolfi be appointed to the position of Librarian: Part-time Availability (Substitute Librarian) effective  July 24, 2017, at the hourly rate detailed in the Authorized Personnel Salary Schedule 2017: Revision 3, approved  June 15, 2017
•    Administrative pay raises approved at the June 15 meeting are retroactive to January 01, 2017
201707-02     The motion passed

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Calabro, and seconded by Trustee Quinn, that:
It is hereby resolved that  Director Fearon be authorized to sign a contract for $6,900.00 (six thousand, nine hundred dollars) with North State Mechanical for HVAC Maintenance Services
201707-03    The motion passed.

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Calabro, and seconded by Trustee Huerster, that:
It is hereby resolved that payment of up to $27,000 to Video Marketing Systems, for the installation of an A/V system in the Community Room, be authorized upon substantial completion of project and approval of invoice(s) by Director Fearon and a Trustee
201707-04    The motion passed.
After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Muccin, and seconded by Trustee Marmol, that:
It is hereby resolved that the following policies be adopted:
•    Town of Mount Pleasant Code of Ethics
•    Town of Mount Pleasant Workplace Violence Policy and Prevention Program
•    MPPL: Computer Networks and Internet Use Guidelines
•    Town of Mount Pleasant: Drug Free Workplace
•    Town of Mount Pleasant: Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures
•    MPPL Staff Cards
201707-05    The motion passed.

The July 2017 Director’s Report was received.

Points of Discussion:
•    Plantings on Bedford Road
•    Wooden Fence
•    Community Room A/V
•    HVAC Maintenance Contract
•    MPPL Capital Plan: Financial Analysis (July 2017) emailed to the Board in advance by Director Fearon
•    Upcoming School Year:
Assistant Director Gufarotti and Martha Mesiti, Head of Adult Services, lead a discussion of managing the level of activity in the Library at the end of the school day.
The Library will accept the offer of Village police to monitor the parking lot after school for the first two weeks of September. We are also considering hiring police after that period. We will also explore with the Village arranging for a monitor to watch over the grounds.
•    Assistant Director Gufarotti informed that Board that a group called Pleasantville Indivisible asked that a collection of books be placed in the library.
At 8:58 pm, on a motion by Trustee Muccin, seconded by Trustee Huerster, the Board went into executive session to discuss a specific item of personnel.

At 9:00 pm, the Board came out of executive session.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 9/13/17 at 7:30 pm

Trustee Levine moved for adjournment at 9:03 P.M., seconded by Trustee Huerster. The motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Robert Huerster