Albert See Bequest Society

In 1895, Albert See, the descendent of a tenant farmer, helped to form the Pleasantville Free Library Association & Reading Room, the fore-runner of today's Mount Pleasant Public Library.

Albert and his neighbors could not have foreseen how their community would grow, but when they pooled their resources to meet a common need, they created a lasting legacy that continues to benefit us today.

The Trustees of the Mount Pleasant Public Library have established the Albert See Society to honor those whose charitable bequests help this founding vision.

If you've established a bequest for the Library valued at $1,000 or more, please complete the reply form in this brochure and return it, along with appropriate documentation of your bequest intention to the Mount Pleasant Public Library.

As a member of the Albert See Society, you will receive two invitations to the annual Volunteer & Donor Recognition Luncheon, where the Trustees of the Library will gratefully acknowledge your support; and, your name will be listed on a plaque permanently installed in the Library, and on the Library's web site. Of course, if you wish to remain anonymous, the Library will be happy to honor that request.

For an application form, please click here.

Do your estate plans reflect your vision of the future?

If a vibrant public library is part of your vision for the future of this community, you can help by making a charitable bequest to the Mount Pleasant Public Library.

What is a charitable bequest?
A charitable bequest is a donation to a charitable organization, such as the Library, distributed from your estate, in accordance with instructions in your will.

A bequest is a vote of confidence in the future.
Your bequest will help the Mount Pleasant Public Library continue to be a place of learning and inspiration for our community by providing up-to-date collections, supporting special programs, and offering needed resources for children, teens and adults. For many people, charitable bequests allow us to make a larger contribution than we might otherwise be able to consider. It is a simple way to support your community and celebrate the things you value.

A bequest may reduce estate taxes.
All contributions to The Mount Pleasant Public Library are tax deductible. So a bequest to the Library may help to reduce taxes paid by your estate.

Making a bequest is easy.
To establish a bequest, simply include a statement in your will setting forth yourwishes. This can be done when drafting or revising a will, or by writing a codicil, which is an amendment to an existing document.For example, you can direct that a specific amount of money be given to the Library by including a simple statement such as: I bequeath $(_______) to the Mount Pleasant Public Library, located in the village of Pleasantville, New York.
To ensure that your estate plans accurately reflect your wishes and are suitable for your personal financial situation, obtaining legal counsel is strongly encouraged. Your attorney can also advise you about other planned giving options, such as designating a percentage of your estate, rather than a specific dollar amount, for the benefit of the Library, or using the value of life insurance, real estate, or other assets to fund your charitable bequest.

An unrestricted bequest will have the greatest impact.
The most valuable bequest to the Library is an unrestricted gift, allowing the Library’s Trustees to allocate funds to areas of greatest need or opportunity. Under certain conditions, and for bequests of $5,000 or more, the Library can also accept restricted-purpose bequests. For more information on creating a restricted bequest, please call the Library Director at 914-769-0548.
Regrettably, the Library cannot accept bequests of books, other library materials, or any other personal property. Bequests are best made in cash or cash equivalents.

Do you need more information?
You may call the Library Director’s Office at 914-769-0548 ext. 216, or e-mail the director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All inquires will be treated in strictest confidence.

Charlotte B. Miller (former Library Director and a founding member of the Albert See Bequest Society)

Charlotte Miller, a former director of the Library, was a wonderful servant to the Library during her lifetime and now, thanks to her thoughtfulness, her love of and dedication to the Mount Pleasant Public Library will continue to benefit the Library and its users for many generations to come.

Charlotte grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in voice. After graduation Charlotte moved to New York City and in 1952 married Gordon Miller, a fellow music lover from the Boulder campus (he graduated with a degree in piano accompaniment).

Charlotte and Gordon had two children, Karen and Keith, and made their home in Valhalla, NY. As the children got older Charlotte starting working, part-time, at the Valhalla branch of the Library. As well as being a full-time mother and part-time library employee, Charlotte went back to school and studied for a Masters in Library Science.

With the degree in hand, Charlotte moved to the Library's Pleasantville location and became the full-time Children's Librarian. In 1973 Charlotte became the Library's Director and she served in that capacity for 20 years, until her retirement in 1992.

After retiring, Charlotte moved to Venice, Fl. where she was an active participant in the local rotary (she had been one of the first female members of the Pleasantville Rotaryy and continued to pursue her love of music through membership of the Venice Opera Guild.