Meet & Move App from Northwell Health

Deciding to get more physically active is an easy decision.  It’s the follow-through that can be hard — especially if you haven’t been exercising much or first want to find someone to do it with.

Meet & Move is a free new app from Northwell Health that lists and links you to local physical activities that meet your interests and helps you find others to get active with.  It’s the perfect app for those who want to get moving with others right in their community.

If you want to check out one of the beautiful walking or hiking trails in the area but don’t have someone to go with, Meet & Move is perfect for you. The app provides not only a chance for exercise but the opportunity to meet fellow “movers.”  Meet & Move isn’t just an app, though, it’s a public health initiative that removes some of the barriers to physical activity, such as not knowing what activities are available nearby or not having others to go with.

Once you download Meet & Move in the App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll choose the types of activities you might like from a comprehensive list.  You’ll be surprised to learn how many activities are happening in your community, every day!  Weekly walking or biking tours?  Yoga classes or town softball leagues?  Bowling, ice skating or volunteering to clear trails in the local preserve?  Check, check and check.