Mount Pleasant Public Library: Board of Trustees Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting of June 20, 2019

Trustees & Liaisons present:
Emil Muccin, Julie Edwards, Larry Levine, Dick Malina, Jorge Marmol, Mary Ann Quinn, James Riina, Laurie Smalley (Town Liaison), David Vinjamuri (Village Liaison)

Also present:
John Fearon, Library Director; Vivian Gufarotti, Assistant Library Director;

Trustees & Liaisons absent:
Marcie Krauss, Robert Huerster

Administrative: Trustee Muccin called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.

The minutes of the May 16, 2019 Board meeting were approved. Moved by Trustee Edwards, seconded by Trustee Malina and passed.

No members of the public attended.

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Levine, and seconded by the Trustee Quinn, that:
It is hereby resolved that the Town Comptroller be authorized to:
>> Pay all vouchers reviewed and approved by the Director and the Town Comptroller for a total of $53,808.54
>> Pending final approval of Town Comptroller, approved vouchers received and approved by the Library Director for a total of $1,307.72
201906-01 The motion passed

Director’s Report

>> Director Fearon reported on a meeting he attended of the Public Library Directors Association concerning problems libraries are experiencing with WLS’s new ILS system. The PLDA will be presenting an action plan to WLS in the hope of addressing some of these problems.
>> The Strategic Plan is complete, pending some stylistic edits.
>> The Inter-Municipal Agreement (IMA) is still being negotiated (particularly with regard to funding percentages), and the village board has yet to review it.
>> Director Fearon congratulated Trustees Riina and Edwards for a successful meeting with staff concerning the children’s room.
>> With help from town engineer David Smith, the Library is working to ensure that the grants we received for our capital projects can be redirected toward children’s room renovations.
>> Director Fearon proposed that the board research ideas for using the funds received in the Virginia Odell bequest, and that we include some formal recognition of her contribution.
>> Director Fearon recommended that the board develop a policy concerning the preparation and approval of the Library’s 990 form, prior to next April. Other recommended policies are covered in the town employee handbook.

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Marmol, and seconded by the Trustee Riina, that:
It is hereby resolved that the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan be approved.
201906-02 The motion passed

The board corrected typographical errors in Budget transfers from the previous month (relating to the consolidation of budget categories).

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Quinn, and seconded by the Trustee Marmol, that:
It is hereby resolved that the following budget transfers be approved:
>> Increase J7410-427 Computer Services and Maintenance by $1,000
>> Decrease J7410-436 Computer Software by $1,000
>> Increase J7410-250 by $2,500 Capital Equipment
>> Decrease J7410-299 by $2,500 Capital Projects
201906-03 The motion passed

Committee Updates

>> Trustee Edwards reported on meetings and upcoming surveys and other activities concerning Children’s Services.

New Business
>> Assistant Director Gufarotti reported that a student had asked to leave a survey on “play” at the library for distribution.

Trustee Muccin moved for adjournment at 8:05 pm, seconded by Trustee Levene.

Next regular meeting: Thursday, 7/18/2019, at 7:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Ann Quinn