Mount Pleasant Public Library: Board of Trustees Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting of July 18, 2019


Trustees & Liaisons present:

Emil Muccin, Marcie Krauss, Larry Levine, Dick Malina, Mary Ann Quinn, Robert Huerster (arrived 7:45)

Also present:

John Fearon, Library Director; Vivian Gufarotti, Assistant Library Director

Trustees & Liaisons absent:

Julie Edwards, Jorge Marmol, James Riina, David Vinjamuri (Village Liaison), Laurie Smalley (Town Liaison)


Also present: Cristian Layme (Library IT Consultant)


Administrative: Trustee Muccin called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.


The minutes of the June 20, 2019 Board meeting were approved. Moved by Trustee Levine, seconded by Trustee Malina, and passed.


No members of the public attended the meeting.


Westchester Library System (WLS) and IT Updates

Director Fearon reported on measures WLS plans to take to address ongoing problems with the new ILS (Integrated Library System). WLS has made changes in the management of the program, and has established a timeline for addressing operational issues and conducting an audit of IT services and pricing structure.

These changes will give MPPL some time to consider its IT options. Director Fearon proposed a number of changes with regard to IT.

Shifting from a fixed fee to a contractual relationship for professional services with our IT consultant Cristian Layme (ComLab). Costs would be about the same, but he would be on call for services as needed.

Create a capital equipment line in the budget for IT.

Look to cloud hosting services so that we can move our internal files off the server and enhance security.

A goal would be to stay in the system and use the ILS, but to rely on our own equipment and our own network.

Director Fearon proposed creating an ad hoc IT Committee (consisting of Trustee Muccin, Director Fearon, and Consultant Cristian Layme) to consider issues concerning our IT and phone systems in the coming months.

Director Fearon also presented a proposal from Rudy Ruedemann (E-Cubed Consulting) concerning our phone system.


After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Krauss, and seconded by the Trustee Quinn, that:

It is hereby resolved that the Town Comptroller be authorized to:

> Pay all vouchers reviewed and approved by the Director and the Town Comptroller for a total of $27,629.70

> Pending final approval of Town Comptroller, approved vouchers received and approved by the Library Director for a total of $3,571.98

WLS, $43,487.75

201907-01 The motion passed


Director’s Report

> The Library’s financial status is good.

> The Summer Reading programs (for children and adults) have been very successful so far.

Committee Updates

Buildings & Grounds Committee – Following the recommendation of DASNY, the town has agreed to administer the SAM grant on behalf of the Library.


New Business

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Krauss and seconded by Trustee Quinn:

> It is hereby resolved that Director John Fearon be authorized to act on behalf of the Library in matters relating to the estate of Virginia Odell.

20190702 The motion passed.


Trustee Muccin moved for adjournment at 7:55 pm, seconded by Trustee Levine.


Next regular meeting: The Board will hold an abbreviated meeting on Monday, August 19, 2019, at 7:00 p.m., to consider claims of payment and emergency repairs. The next regular meeting following will be on Thursday, September 19,. 2019, at 7:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted, Mary Ann Quinn