Administrative: Trustee Muccin called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

The minutes of the September 19, 2019 Board meeting were approved. Moved by Trustee Levine, seconded by Trustee Malina and passed.

No members of the public were present.

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Marmol, and seconded by Trustee Malina, that It is hereby resolved that the Town Comptroller be authorized to:
>> Pay all vouchers reviewed and approved by the Director and the Deputy Town Comptroller for a total of $40,065.46
>> Pending final approval of Town Comptroller, pay all additional vouchers received and approved by the Library Director for a total of $976.33.
201910-01 The motion passed

Director’s Report
Director Fearon reported that the deadline for expending state grant monies can be pushed back a year, which will allow us time to prepare a master plan for the main library and branch, before we undertake specific renovations to the children’s room or branch library.

Director Fearon also reported on the most recent meeting of library directors and WLS. Progress has been made to the extent that it is now acknowledged that the computer system is not working and that the VDI is the crux of the problem. WLS will be hiring a consultant to address some of these issues.

Trustee Riina reported on the results of the Children’s Room survey, which Trustee Edwards and he conducted with the assistance of library staff. Positive responses highlighted the collections and staff. Negative responses focused particularly on the need for managing disruptive behavior, and on the spatial layout. There appears to be a mandate for setting forth a clear code of conduct as pertains to the Children’s Room.

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Quinn, and seconded by the Trustee Marmol, that:
It is hereby resolved that the following budget transfers are approved:
>> Increase J7410-250 by $7,500
>> Increase J7410-195 by $1,500
>> Increase J7410-402 by $5,000
>> Decrease J7410-299 by $7,500
>> Decrease J7410-100 by $1,500
>> Decrease J7410-201 by $5,000
201910-02 The motion passed

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Krauss, and seconded by the Trustee Riina that:
It is hereby resolved that Director Fearon be authorized to sign a contract with Vista Construction for grounds maintenance services from November 15, 2019 through November 14, 2020 for a monthly fee of $1,637.21.
201910-03 The motion passed

Director Fearon reported on the status of the Library’s IT systems. The Library has switched to Microsoft 365, new VPN routers are being set up, and the Library will be moving its phone system to the cloud.

Trustees Muccin and Malina will represent the board in assisting with upcoming labor negotiations.

Director Fearon recommended upgrading our people counters (switching to an IP based device) and changing our Google Analytics tabulations from page views to users and/or sessions.

As Library budget figures are due before the regular November board meeting, the Board decided to meet briefly on Monday, October 28, 2019, in order to review and approve the proposed budget for 2020, as well as a contract for cleaning services.

The Board also briefly discussed issues pertaining to the Friends of the Library and complaints the library has received from prospective book sale donors.

Trustee Malina moved for adjournment at 8:27 pm, seconded by Trustee Levine.

Next regular meeting: Thursday, 11/21/2019, at 7:00 pm.\

Special meeting: Monday, 10/28/2019, at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Ann Quinn