The Board of Trustees of the Mount Pleasant Public Library meets on a regular basis to conduct the business of the Library in accordance with the Library’s by-laws and the provisions of the New York State Open Meetings Law. All board meetings are publicized in advance and open to the public, and minutes of board meetings and decisions are available as public record.

In the interests of greater transparency and accountability, the board welcomes public attendance and observation at its meetings. The board invites public comments and will allot a brief period at the beginning of each meeting for members of the public to address the board. Comments will be limited to five minutes per speaker. In the event several persons wish to speak, the overall time allotted for comments will be limited at the discretion of the board president, in order to allow the board to proceed with its agenda items in a timely manner. Written comments are always welcome.

In presenting their comments, the public should not expect the board to engage in immediate discussion of the issues or concerns. The board may request further information or clarification, but public comment does not open the meeting up to a broader discussion.

The board may on occasion invite broader public input concerning a policy or program and may hold a public forum either separately or in the context of a regular board meeting.

Executive Session constitutes the exception to the public provisions of the Open Meetings Law. The board enters into executive session when engaging in sensitive discussions concerning issues of individual personnel, litigation, collective bargaining, or property negotiations. The discussions specify only the reason for executive session and are otherwise confidential.

Adopted by the MPPL Board of Trustees, January 2019