The Mount Pleasant Public Library strives to provide our community access to information and ideas in a safe and inviting environment. Addressing the array of library user needs, preferences and tolerances can be challenging. We ask that staff and all those engaged in the legitimate use of the library be respectful of others in all interactions within our facility.

To promote a positive library experience for library patrons, the Board of Trustees of the Mount Pleasant Public Library has approved the following Code of Conduct:


For the safety and security of all library users, please:
• treat others with respect. Harassing and threatening behavior is not permitted.
• keep children and other persons in need of supervision in close proximity. The Library does not assume
responsibility for any user.
• keep entrances, walkways and aisles free from obstruction.
• avoid creating potentially dangerous situations by refraining from running, shoving, throwing of objects or any similar misconduct.
• limit drinking to non-alcoholic beverages from closed containers. Eating is restricted to limited areas during select Library sanctioned programs.
• do not smoke or vape in the Library.
• do not bring pets into the Library. Service animals are welcome.
• note that surveillance cameras are in use in the Library.


For the consideration of all library users:
• behaviors and activities must be appropriate to a library environment.
• please observe and adhere to designated noise levels in various sections of the Library.
• appropriate attire (including shirts and shoes) and proper hygiene are required.
• any form of solicitation, distribution, or posting of material or requests for petition signatures is not


For the preservation of library materials, library users will:
• properly check out material before removing it from the Library.
• treat all library property with respect and refrain from damaging or defacing it in any manner.
• observe posted rules governing use of specific materials in the library (e.g., computers, newspapers, puzzles, etc.).


When the Code of Conduct is not observed
When possible, staff will issue a reminder when someone fails to observe the rules. If staff determines a situation requires it, other steps may be taken including:
• a request that the person leave the library
• a call to the police to request the person be escorted from the library
• suspension of library privileges. In this instance the library user will be notified by registered mail and
given the opportunity to meet with Library Administration and Library Trustees.


Adopted by the Mount Pleasant Library Board of Trustees 1993
Revised September 2021