The Mount Pleasant Library is maintained for the benefit of the community, and welcomes the use of its facilities for public enjoyment and interest.  Any person, group or organization may apply to use the Library’s meeting rooms for informational, educational, cultural, recreational and civic programs.  The facilities are not available for partisan political purposes or religious purposes.  All events held in the Library must be open to the public.

 Use of facilities is given in order of priority to programs and events of:
1. The Library
2. Friends of the Mount Pleasant Library
3. Not-for-profit educational, cultural and civic organizations based in the Library District
4. Such not-for-profit organizations based outside the Library District
5. Commercial organizations or individuals presenting free informational programs

Granting permission to use the meeting rooms does not constitute Library endorsement of the policies, beliefs or goals of the program sponsor, nor shall any advertisement or publicity indicate endorsement or sponsorship by the Library.
•    No commitment may be made to establish the Library as a mailing address or regular meeting place for any organization other than the Friends of the Mount Pleasant Library.  
•    Other than the Friends of the Mount Pleasant Library, persons, groups or organizations may not hold a meeting or event more than four times a year unless prior permission has been granted by the Board of Trustees.  
•    Users of Library facilities may not charge an admission fee or solicit donations without the written permission of the Board of Trustees.  Such permission will be granted at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees, only to not-for-profit organizations, and only to defray the expenses of the program.

There shall be no collection of dues or contributions on Library premises, except for the benefit of the Library.  Artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers and others may sell their work in conjunction with exhibits, concerts and lectures subject to the conditions of the relevant Agreement and Release Forms.
While works of art may be displayed for a period of time, no other objects or materials, that are political, civic or religious in nature, may be displayed on the Library premises, with the exception of postings on the Library’s Bulletin Board (subject to the policy governing the Bulletin Board).

The Library has two meeting rooms:
Community Room and exhibition space: maximum capacity 200
Conference/Activity Room:  maximum capacity, as posted
Smoking is not permitted in the building.  Alcoholic beverages may not be served except at functions run by the Library for its sole benefit.
Facilities will be available during library hours.  Activities must conclude 15 minutes before the Library’s scheduled closing.
Users of the community room or conference/activity room may also use the kitchen for the preparation of coffee and tea and simple cold refreshments.  The kitchen may not be used during employee mealtimes from 11:30am to 2:00pm and 4:30 to 7pm.
Groups presenting audio-visual programs may provide and operate their own equipment.  The Library has equipment available for use upon application.
The Library will arrange for set up and removal of its equipment and furniture, but Library staff members are not available as equipment operators.  The program sponsor will be liable for damage that results from improper use of Library equipment or facilities.
The capacity of the library's parking lot is limited.  The library reserves the right to revoke permission to use its facilities to any group whose members continually fill up our parking lot, thereby restricting our ability to provide library service to our patrons.  Responsibility for ensuring this situation does not arise lies with the organizers.
Application for use of the facilities shall be made by completing the appropriate application form, no earlier than one year and no later than thirty days in advance.  Signing of the form binds the user to acceptance of full responsibility for compliance with the rules and regulations and includes the signing of a release absolving the Library and its Board of Trustees of financial responsibility in the event of damage or injury.
All fees for the rooms must be paid no later than thirty days prior to use.  Fees will be refunded if the program is canceled by applicant prior to one week before the scheduled event.  Written notification of cancellation is required at least one week before scheduled event.
If the Library makes an unscheduled or emergency closing, all scheduled programs will be automatically canceled and fees refunded or programs rescheduled.
At events where facilities are for the use of minors, the application must be signed by an adult 21 years or older who assumes full responsibility and will be present during the entire program.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure adequate supervision of minors during the program.

The person, group or organization (hereafter “Applicant”) sponsoring an event shall reimburse the Library for deliberate or accidental damage done to Library property or exhibits during their occupancy. The Library Director may require the Applicant to furnish a Certificate of Insurance to the Director at least one week in advance.  
The Library shall not be responsible for damage to any material brought into the Library or for loss of any such materials by theft, vandalism or otherwise.  The Library shall not be liable for any injury or damage to persons or property.  The Library will not store equipment belonging to Applicant.
Objects and artwork on display in the Library may not be moved or disturbed.
The Applicant must have the legal right to perform or display publicly the artistic materials to be used in the Library and shall hold the Library harmless against any claim that the display or performance violated the rights or interests of any person.
The Applicant shall announce the location of Fire Exits prior to the beginning of the program.

The Applicant is responsible for cleaning up after use.  This includes kitchen clean up and bagging of trash and garbage.  The facilities shall be restored to their original condition.
Alcoholic beverages may not be served except at functions run by the Library for its sole benefit.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees, May 19, 1994
Revised November 2013