Mount Pleasant Public Library (MPPL) provides public access to information of all types and in a variety of formats for the people of its community, in accordance with the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights.

Open Access

  • The Library is committed to providing open and unfiltered access to Internet resources. The Internet is a constantly changing, unregulated, and non-secure medium.  MPPL is not responsible for the content or accuracy of websites, and users are cautioned that transactions may be vulnerable to unauthorized access by third parties.
  • Internet resources are available to all Library users, including minors. Parents and guardians are responsible for guiding and supervising their children’s Internet use. Library staff cannot be responsible for this supervision.
  • To ensure fair and equitable access to Library computers, MPPL has established computer sign-up procedures and time limits. These “Rules for Computer Use” are posted by the computer terminals.

User Rights

  • MPPL will not release information on the use of Internet resources by members of the public except as required by law. MPPL may review any information related to a user’s Internet activity as may be necessary to fulfill MPPL’s legal obligation or to protect MPPL, its staff, or other users.

User Responsibilities

  • Internet usage must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. Users are responsible for observing all laws, including copyright regulations.  Users are solely responsible for any loss or injury resulting from their Internet usage.
  • Users should be mindful that the computers are set up in an open public space. Users must respect the sensibilities of others and refrain from viewing material that is offensive or that creates a hostile environment for patrons or staff.
  • Users must adhere to all other Library rules, including the “Rules for Computer Use” and the “Code of Conduct” policy.
  • Users may not install or download software on Library-owned computers or save items to them. The computer user is liable for any damages resulting from improper use of the Library’s computers.
  • MPPL is not responsible for the loss of data or other failures or damages resulting from the use of the Library’s equipment or network.
  • This Internet Policy also applies to the use of MPPL’s wireless network.

Users who fail to adhere to this policy and whose activity does not conform to responsible use will be asked to modify their usage.   Should the user, in the judgment of the head librarian, continue with the offensive or prohibited behavior, the computer session may be terminated. Repeated offenses may result in suspension of computer or library privileges.   User behavior that is unlawful or that does not comply with this policy may be reported to the police.



Approved by the Library Board of Trustees July 19, 2012