Eligibility for a Library Card

Individuals who reside in the Mount Pleasant Public Library district (defined as the Village of Pleasantville and unincorporated area of the Town of Mount Pleasant) may apply for a Mount Pleasant Public Library card.  Those who work, own property or attend school in the above defined area and do not reside in Westchester County may also apply.   Those who reside within the county but outside of the defined area should obtain a library card in their home library district.

Types of Cards

Adult cards are issued to people 18 years of age and older and are valid for a period of three years. To get an adult card you need:

  • Photo ID with an address in the Mount Pleasant Public Library district, or
  • Other photo ID and official verification of residence, employment, school registration or property ownership in the Mount Pleasant Public Library district

Youth cards are issued to those under the age of 18; there is no minimum age.  The card is valid for a three year period. A parent’s or legal guardian’s signature is required for these applicants. To get a youth card a parent or guardian needs to present:

  • A valid adult library card, or
  • Photo ID with an address in the Mount Pleasant Public Library district, or
  • Other photo ID and official verification of their child’s residence, employment or school registration in the Mount Pleasant Public Library district

(A list of acceptable documentation required to obtain a library card follows)

Agency cards are issued to institutions such as schools and congregate care facilities and are valid for one year.  An institution may apply for an agency card by:

  • Establishing that the institution is in the Mount Pleasant Public Library district
  • Providing the signature of someone who is legally authorized to enter into contractual obligations for the institution and who will assume responsibility for materials borrowed on the card

A maximum of six cards may be issued to each institution.  A card must be presented to check out material; the Library will assume that the card-holder is authorized to borrow materials.

By signing the Mount Pleasant Public Library registration form the user, parent, legal guardian or agency representative accepts responsibility for all materials borrowed on the accompanying card, including fees and fines charged for overdue, damaged or lost material.   User privileges may be suspended if the borrower accumulates fines or otherwise abuses library privileges.


The Mount Pleasant Public Library card is valid for use at all libraries in the Westchester Library System.



Documentation Required to Obtain a Library Card


To obtain a library card you will need to show photo documentation of who you are and proof that you either reside, work, attend school or own property in the Mount Pleasant Library district.  Additionally, adults may be asked to show evidence that they are age eighteen or over.


A current driver’s license, learner’s permit or DMV issued identification card with your MPPL district address fulfills all of the requirements mentioned above.


Alternately, you may offer:

  • Proof of who you are with current government issued photo identification such as:

-   passport

-   driver’s license, learner’s permit, or DMV identification card with

    an address outside of the MPPL district

-   public school ID card

-   other government issued photo ID


 AND one of the following:


  • Proof of residency with recent copies of official documents such as:
    • utility bill
    • voter’s registration card
    • car registration
    • lease agreement
    • insurance policy
    • personal check

(While a Post Office box may be used as a mailing address, it is not acceptable for proof of residency.)


  • Proof of local employment with a current:
    • employee ID card
    • paycheck stub
    • verifiable letter from your employer


  • Proof of school registration with a current:
    • school ID card
    • school transcript
    • tuition bill


  • Proof of ownership of property with a recent tax bill








Addendum to the Mount Pleasant Public Library Patron Registration Policy


The Library Board of Trustees recognizes that the Patron Registration Policy adopted March, 2010 presents changes in both the types of cards the library offers and manner in which they are obtained.  The following guidelines are provided to facilitate the transition to the new policy.

  • Teacher’s Cards: As of April 1, 2010, MPPL will no longer issue Teacher’s Cards.  Teachers residing outside of Westchester County may apply for an Adult Card on the basis of their employment within the MPPL district; those residing within the county may use their home library card at MPPL. 

All MPPL Teacher’s Cards currently in use will cease to be valid as of July 1, 2010.  Teachers who have cards that expire prior to July 1, 2010, may renew them, but use of the card will expire on July 1, 2010.

  • Youth Cards: Beginning April 1, 2010, MPPL will issue Youth Cards to new applicants under the age of 18 years who meet the requirements for card eligibility described in MPPL Patron Registration Policy. A parent’s or guardian’s signature on the registration form will be required on all Youth Cards.  MPPL will continue to honor and renew all currently issued Juvenile and Adult cards provided that the user remains in good standing.  
  • Temporary Residents: MPPL will continue to honor and renew cards currently issued to students and those who reside in congregate care facilities provided that the user has remained in good standing. 

As of April 1, 2010, MPPL will require the signature of a parent or guardian on the registration form for all new card applicants less than 18 years-of-age.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees: March, 2010