This statement of policy covers regular salaried employees not included in the collective bargaining agreement between the Mount Pleasant Public Library and the CSEA Library Bargaining Unit.  At the present time, such covered employees are the Director and the Assistant Director.

1.  Terms of employment for such employees shall be comparable to those negotiated in the most recently approved collective bargaining agreement, with the following exceptions:
•    Articles I through IV regarding the employee bargaining unit rights and responsibilities
•    Article VI – Work Week
•    Article XIX – Out of Title
•    Article XXI – Compensation
•    Article XXVI – Grievance Arbitration

2.  Full time hours shall be 35 hours, any five days, Monday through Saturday.

3.  Compensation will be commensurate with the position, with individual accomplishments, experience and with industry standards.  It shall be subject to
annual review.

Approved and Adopted by Library Board of Trustees, November 9, 2000