00:06:43.000 --> 00:07:13.000
Okay, we're all good alright so let's let's call the meeting to order of hi Henry.

00:07:33.000 --> 00:07:39.000
Board of Nonprofits and Public Library Board of Trustees.

00:07:39.000 --> 00:07:47.000
Do we have any public John. I don't see any but let me just check one more time.

00:07:47.000 --> 00:07:56.000
0 attendees. Okay. So the order of business tonight is to authorize

00:07:56.000 --> 00:08:02.000
A 2 to finalize the master plan. John, do you want to talk a little bit about it?

00:08:02.000 --> 00:08:12.000
Sure and then we'll go to the conversation so I watched the meeting from last week 2 weeks ago. right and

00:08:12.000 --> 00:08:16.000
I just wanted to address a few points that came up the first one is fineancing.

00:08:16.000 --> 00:08:21.000
That is obviously the finance is gonna be very important but it's not an issue right now.

00:08:21.000 --> 00:08:27.000
The village, the town would be an active participants in this process and they're fully supportive of the design.

00:08:27.000 --> 00:08:33.000
So right now we don't have to concern ourselves with that second issue with safety.

00:08:33.000 --> 00:08:42.000
The outside. Again we've talked about it in the design group. There are a number of public safety professionals in the town. I'm.

00:08:42.000 --> 00:08:46.000
Not pleasant police department and the plausible police department.

00:08:46.000 --> 00:08:50.000
We also all have fraternities and insurance agents.

00:08:50.000 --> 00:08:53.000
So again. it's something that will be looked into during the later phase.

00:08:53.000 --> 00:09:00.000
But I don't think it's something that that needs to concern us right now.

00:09:00.000 --> 00:09:05.000
And then the other one was the children's room and and I think, David, do you wanna talk to that a little bit?

00:09:05.000 --> 00:09:19.000
I think we all agreed that it would be nice to for the presentations right to have something visually. Yeah, I think that when we get to the so first of all, just an update

00:09:19.000 --> 00:09:34.000
I talked to Peter again. gave him said previously I hadn't shared the the expected build out costs, including seating, and you know all the rest of It he's still very supportive of the project

00:09:34.000 --> 00:09:36.000
i'm gonna assess it with the board on Monday.

00:09:36.000 --> 00:09:46.000
I expect they will be as well. Peter suggested. A joint instead of 2 separate village in town meetings.

00:09:46.000 --> 00:09:52.000
You see, suggested just doing one joint public meeting for the village in the town together, and inviting the public.

00:09:52.000 --> 00:09:57.000
He's gonna call Carl to discuss that that'd be great.

00:09:57.000 --> 00:10:09.000
Yeah, I do think that it will be important to because, you know, while people will be very excited about some of the interior changes struct structural changes to the library.

00:10:09.000 --> 00:10:14.000
There will be lots of questions about the children's room obviously this is only a master plan.

00:10:14.000 --> 00:10:28.000
It's not you know design phase but I do think having some conceptual idea of what the children's library looks at to make sure there's a what in it for me for each different group of library patrons is sort

00:10:28.000 --> 00:10:32.000
of important.

00:10:32.000 --> 00:10:38.000
And I thought they were the main concerns. Right? I think so.

00:10:38.000 --> 00:10:42.000
With the one other thing that I I I apologize.

00:10:42.000 --> 00:10:52.000
I just remembered from from seeing some of that meeting as well is just, you know, not to get hung up on the color of anything, or whether you like a particular chair or materials, or anything like that.

00:10:52.000 --> 00:11:00.000
All of that will get very well discussed, embedded in the actual design process.

00:11:00.000 --> 00:11:06.000
Well before any different construction documents are approved well you know before.

00:11:06.000 --> 00:11:23.000
There's a contractor engage you will everybody will have an opportunity to sort of weigh in on the aesthetics and the the functionality of the furniture chosen, and the materials use and all that

00:11:23.000 --> 00:11:42.000
So what up further would do this? Anybody else have any concerns or questions, or we've got Henry as well have a voluntary to take design questions

00:11:42.000 --> 00:11:51.000
Oh, no rush, no, I think we're all very excited about the and and seeing it come to fruition.

00:11:51.000 --> 00:12:04.000
I think that's I mean this is a pivotal point. This is a a wonderful opportunity for the library, food, town, and the the village.

00:12:04.000 --> 00:12:17.000
I just want to give a shout out to David because who I it's kind of ironic that one of the concerns that the or if they would, would we get his attention He stayed all over this I've not dealt with anybody

00:12:17.000 --> 00:12:22.000
but i'm sorry I met henry I like to cross my my words, and has been incredible.

00:12:22.000 --> 00:12:28.000
Really jumped into this

00:12:28.000 --> 00:12:36.000
Up working a lot of architects. And yeah, usually after the the the contract assigned, you start discovering their intern and their secretaries.

00:12:36.000 --> 00:12:43.000
And what have you But but this is just been handy He's been great, and and the plan is magnificent.

00:12:43.000 --> 00:12:47.000
And David Smith's not here but david Schmidt and everything. tomorrow.

00:12:47.000 --> 00:12:58.000
It's been really great we've never done anything like this. it's first tested at Dna, and I think, by creating a team that we're all the parties are represented and listen to each other.

00:12:58.000 --> 00:13:06.000
You know it's it's it's elected this great outcome and ways to go. but but I can't.

00:13:06.000 --> 00:13:16.000
I don't think we could have come up with a better master time It's just it's funny, I think, and I think the library has to potential to be.

00:13:16.000 --> 00:13:20.000
It could be really special, you know some of the features are so dramatic.

00:13:20.000 --> 00:13:24.000
We're starting to see a little bit of close covid life.

00:13:24.000 --> 00:13:36.000
So it's an exciting time. Yeah, John Tom at our last meeting was very encouraging and very excited about the opportunities for the town with his not being here tonight.

00:13:36.000 --> 00:13:48.000
Is there anything that we can learn more about where the town is and where Carl's current thinking is in the same way that David was able to share with us about Peter in the village?

00:13:48.000 --> 00:13:53.000
Yeah, I can. I can only tell you that the Tom was, I mean he more or less told you to just get on with it.

00:13:53.000 --> 00:13:59.000
And he was very. It was very clear. and David Smith also .

00:13:59.000 --> 00:14:05.000
Very supportive of all this. and I as David did you, Murray said.

00:14:05.000 --> 00:14:09.000
Peter is gonna reach out to Carl. So you know, at a certain point.

00:14:09.000 --> 00:14:20.000
We do what we can you know. I think the library board's role is to recommend capital improvements, and to try to make the library the best library can be for the community I think that's what you're doing with this master

00:14:20.000 --> 00:14:28.000
plan. but We're gonna have to just let some of this process lay out, you know, after this is in place, and I think that's under that.

00:14:28.000 --> 00:14:38.000
It's so far. everything up there is very positive thanks

00:14:38.000 --> 00:14:43.000
Do we need to. We need to formally vote. John I don't know if he need to formally vote.

00:14:43.000 --> 00:14:47.000
You can it'd be like I mean it's usually good to have a record of it, You know.

00:14:47.000 --> 00:14:58.000
Yeah, Do you want to go? minutes and say kind of go through what the next phase is?

00:14:58.000 --> 00:15:10.000
What you've laid out in the director's report what the next step is what we'll do on at the meeting on the eighteenth, and what's headed into early September. Yeah, So and it's also a little

00:15:10.000 --> 00:15:24.000
fluid, because you know this, this 3 of us involved but essentially the next step will be on Henry Henry's gonna wrap up the full product, and it will be formally presented to us or acceptance.

00:15:24.000 --> 00:15:34.000
August eighteenth at that point we'll have a pretty important conversation about the library's ability to contribute.

00:15:34.000 --> 00:15:45.000
So you know, we have multiple sources and we have to the final level that we're comfortable with, that we feel is meaningful.

00:15:45.000 --> 00:15:54.000
Contribution to the project can help get it moving but equally doesn't put us in the position where we're vulnerable down line for for daily operating expenses.

00:15:54.000 --> 00:16:03.000
After that meeting the next week I'll get working David Thank you, Murray and Henry.

00:16:03.000 --> 00:16:07.000
I'll be reaching out to you I want to do press release, and we'll try to get some folks from time to village.

00:16:07.000 --> 00:16:19.000
Your architects library. we'll put up the on our homepage, so we'll be we'll be sharing it with the public at that stage. Well, also, before we're doing the master plan together with our financial

00:16:19.000 --> 00:16:41.000
commitment formally to the town of the village the next step, then, will be either a village public forum with us and Henry attending, making a presentation and a town work session, or a combined town village public meeting

00:16:41.000 --> 00:16:50.000
That's the day determined and then probably the final step will be the board making a formal recommendation for capital improvement.

00:16:50.000 --> 00:16:57.000
It's out of the village. but this is like caveat because there's other ways that this this can move forward without that, you know.

00:16:57.000 --> 00:17:19.000
But that would be the most likely So that'll be October. We're looking at which is 50 times like, Yeah, any anyone else have any questions comments concerns.

00:17:19.000 --> 00:17:27.000
Well, I just wanna just say you know just a shout out to all you you know, and for all you do for your town, and you know village, and

00:17:27.000 --> 00:17:32.000
So i'm happy to be at a resident and a participant here, you know.

00:17:32.000 --> 00:17:45.000
And realizing this, you know, behalf of the community so, and and and to shop, and you know it's been great team work that's been, you know, put into place here, and you know, John, to David's you know mars has been

00:17:45.000 --> 00:17:57.000
great. and so it's and you know bills been super so we're really It's a it's a nice It's a nice feeling of just working together, so I just wanted to reiterate that I also wanted

00:17:57.000 --> 00:18:06.000
to thank John and and Martha for all they've done on behalf of the Board, and participating in all of this, leading the whole vision for the library.

00:18:06.000 --> 00:18:21.000
I mean it's really exciting and we're we're very fortunate to have our liaisons to have our staff, and to have a wonderful architect and don't forget our in-house council on building

00:18:21.000 --> 00:18:32.000
Bill: Yeah. So do I have a motion. 2 authorize.

00:18:32.000 --> 00:18:41.000
A 2 to finalize the master plan, Dick second by Rebecca, all in favor.

00:18:41.000 --> 00:18:45.000
Aye hey? Thank you God you're marching orders.

00:18:45.000 --> 00:18:52.000
Henry. Well, good, just to just to sort of measure everything to kind of establish expectations.

00:18:52.000 --> 00:18:56.000
I mean basically we're we're putting a ribbon around what we've done.

00:18:56.000 --> 00:19:10.000
I mean, you know your content just that's That's kind of what it is, so yeah, we all get that I think everybody's everybody's brought into it. but I just I just this one on the slight level of you

00:19:10.000 --> 00:19:13.000
know, anyway, David Malina you know You're you're concerned about the color of the Pergol.

00:19:13.000 --> 00:19:23.000
I want you to know that I so went by this you know over the last weekend whatever, and looking at you know the kind of colors and thinking like, okay doesn't the proof doesn't have to match the inside it could also match the

00:19:23.000 --> 00:19:26.000
outside. It could be like a combination of the stone work and the bark.

00:19:26.000 --> 00:19:29.000
You know the trees, you know. So I and I already sent.

00:19:29.000 --> 00:19:32.000
I actually sent a version to John, you know, I mean, anyway.

00:19:32.000 --> 00:19:37.000
So just fyi. This is not a big deal so that's I don't need to be a troublemaker.

00:19:37.000 --> 00:19:47.000
Oh, you're not you know it's about you know, challenging, you know each other to be our better you know to kind of come with the best thing.

00:19:47.000 --> 00:19:50.000
That's all you know and when I don't agree i'll let you know.

00:19:50.000 --> 00:20:00.000
But when I do think like yeah, this was a it was a definitely worth consideration, you know it's like that doesn't have to match the inside, You know that's just this one approach and I think you know and that's that's the whole

00:20:00.000 --> 00:20:09.000
point is, the is in the next level of process presumably there will be chances, you know, as David you know, articulate very clearly to look at these things.

00:20:09.000 --> 00:20:16.000
So. Anyway, it's. an ongoing process henry had one question for you regarding the financial presentation that you'd be doing going forward escalation.

00:20:16.000 --> 00:20:22.000
What were you caring for escalation? going forward. Well, we were kind of in the contractor?

00:20:22.000 --> 00:20:24.000
It was like it's actually I I don't have the paperwork right in front of me.

00:20:24.000 --> 00:20:30.000
You know right now. but you know what anyone's guess is escalation to some extent.

00:20:30.000 --> 00:20:40.000
I mean I just thought those little light maybe we go in more. it was, you know. Look the other thing was also the contingencies. There was like 10% conting on top of everything. So you know I heard you say 12 million

00:20:40.000 --> 00:20:45.000
dollars it actually is, you know. It depends on how, if you add everything, everything, everything, and then and then some depends.

00:20:45.000 --> 00:20:52.000
When you start the project. But there's some sense that I mean escalation is like it's like college tuitions right now.

00:20:52.000 --> 00:21:02.000
It's just it's a crazy environment right now

00:21:02.000 --> 00:21:18.000
Will it come down sure we'll come down to where it was never just had the the civic space project re estimated for the village, and it actually came down so that's a good sign about construction

00:21:18.000 --> 00:21:34.000
costs But I think one of the things is just to that point is that the process will include with the construction management team, presumably is at during the different phases, to continue to refine that budget and then it

00:21:34.000 --> 00:21:41.000
becomes more and more real, and to the extent at some point you know the conclusion of schematic design.

00:21:41.000 --> 00:21:57.000
Is that there's an agreed upon or some other point The design process is to read upon what the scope and the budget is, and that becomes a contract basis for a guaranteed maximum to you know to be to

00:21:57.000 --> 00:22:04.000
be happening later. Thank you.

00:22:04.000 --> 00:22:08.000
Okay, do we have any other business to discuss this evening? any new business?

00:22:08.000 --> 00:22:19.000
Okay, just congratulations to our news trustee

00:22:19.000 --> 00:22:26.000
Yeah, thanks everybody, and thanks for your patience with missing the last meeting without notice.

00:22:26.000 --> 00:22:41.000
It was the best excuse ever Okay, Okay, guys I'm also adjourned, and we'll get together in a couple of weeks, so we'll see each other soon.

00:22:41.000 --> 00:22:49.000
Okay, Second: easiest minutes ever. Okay, Okay, guys, all in favor of a good.

00:22:49.000 --> 00:22:59.000
Have a nice bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.