00:04:43.000 --> 00:05:13.000
Okay, so that would be great sounds alright Well, alright. I'd like to call order the August eighteenth, 2,022 meeting of the Mount pleasant public library board of trustees it's

00:05:13.000 --> 00:05:28.000
7 o one first order business are the 2 min, the and from the July 20 first meeting and the minutes from the August Fourth meeting, Do we have any comments?

00:05:28.000 --> 00:05:33.000
Questions just one. it's missing that trustees and liaison who are absent.

00:05:33.000 --> 00:05:39.000
I don't know if that's essential or if you just did it from the list of those who are present.

00:05:39.000 --> 00:05:44.000
But I can send initials on that, I presume.

00:05:44.000 --> 00:05:56.000
I think so. Okay, yeah, you know Any other comments or questions concerns?

00:05:56.000 --> 00:06:02.000
Okay, motion to approve both sets of minutes.

00:06:02.000 --> 00:06:12.000
Somebody all in favor. Hi Okay, do we have any public, John, have a call in listener.

00:06:12.000 --> 00:06:16.000
I'm gonna allow them to talk in case they want to say something. Hello!

00:06:16.000 --> 00:06:25.000
I thought made it so that you can speak if you'd like to say something

00:06:25.000 --> 00:06:32.000
It's a 5, 1 6 number

00:06:32.000 --> 00:06:36.000
Hi! can you hear? Can you hear me now? This is dawn again.

00:06:36.000 --> 00:06:47.000
Batini Oh, hi! donna okay Good apologies. I've been having difficulty joining as a panelist. I have the link, but I was getting an error message.

00:06:47.000 --> 00:06:53.000
So I figured I would dial in as an attendee while I sorted out my tech issues.

00:06:53.000 --> 00:06:59.000
Okay, that's strange i'm going to copy the the meeting.

00:06:59.000 --> 00:07:04.000
Id and and the I'm. gonna email you the meeting Id and the pass code.

00:07:04.000 --> 00:07:15.000
And if you can get in with that then i'll see you and I can remote you from attend the to panelists.

00:07:15.000 --> 00:07:21.000
Thank you so much. You did send me a panelist one originally, but it says that address is invalid.

00:07:21.000 --> 00:07:41.000
When I click on the link, so on it. Okay, Thank you.

00:07:41.000 --> 00:07:49.000
Well, John, what you're working on that you wanna move on to our planes things things very routine this month.

00:07:49.000 --> 00:08:03.000
I'm happy to say the total for those of you who have not had a chance to look at them is $64,000, 224 content is about just under $21,000 the

00:08:03.000 --> 00:08:10.000
the key payment. Here is the final $15,500 to

00:08:10.000 --> 00:08:22.000
A 2. it brings the amounts to be paid to 95,500, which is the full estimate short of the 15% contingency.

00:08:22.000 --> 00:08:34.000
Other payments of some size this month the Quarterly insurance bill with the Reagan agency is $6,600, and there was some repairs.

00:08:34.000 --> 00:08:40.000
Hvac repairs amounting to some $4,000, consulting fees, etc.

00:08:40.000 --> 00:08:56.000
But nothing at all unusual I like it this way I don't have to bother John with with questions. So it's all it's all fairly clear and I would recommend that we approve these clients

00:08:56.000 --> 00:09:02.000
anyone have any questions? Okay, can I have a motion to approve the claims?

00:09:02.000 --> 00:09:09.000
Marianne, seconded by Frank, also in favor. Alright, hey, John!

00:09:09.000 --> 00:09:15.000
Moving on to you, are you? Yeah, let me just set it up.

00:09:15.000 --> 00:09:28.000
Can you see my screen? Yes, Okay, need to move this.

00:09:28.000 --> 00:09:39.000
Okay, So that's not what I wanted actually this is what I wanted.

00:09:39.000 --> 00:09:45.000
Yeah. So the director. 3 4 this month 2 parts, really. one part.

00:09:45.000 --> 00:09:59.000
Was a fairly deep dive into our finances, and then that was done in order to help you understand the recommendation for the potential contribution to capital projects.

00:09:59.000 --> 00:10:06.000
So first of all, did it make sense? Was it comprehensible?

00:10:06.000 --> 00:10:20.000
Does anybody have any question about any of the the the, the the details of of our reserves, our budget, etc.,

00:10:20.000 --> 00:10:23.000
Oh, I thought it was a great presentation, John cool. Thanks.

00:10:23.000 --> 00:10:33.000
Okay. So I I went up Martha and and Marcy and I got together to try to determine recommendation.

00:10:33.000 --> 00:10:48.000
Basically it is there's this cache and then there's the potential to underwrite a bond that will need to be sorted out by the lawyers because we're not able to issue bonds I don't

00:10:48.000 --> 00:10:56.000
know if if how, how the town would would handle that but i'm sure it can be done.

00:10:56.000 --> 00:11:02.000
We looked at. We sort of took the Goldilocks approach to each area.

00:11:02.000 --> 00:11:14.000
We looked at a a fairly conservative contribution of very aggressive contribution, and then we looked in the mid range the benefits of the aggressive approach is that W.

00:11:14.000 --> 00:11:28.000
More money is made available immediately for improvements, The negatives of a very aggressive approach to our margin of error diminishes, and if bad things happen unexpectedly in the future, we you could be up, the

00:11:28.000 --> 00:11:34.000
creek. case of point is drainage project it's gonna be about quarter of a 1 million dollars.

00:11:34.000 --> 00:11:43.000
Possibly when all of a sudden done and because our phone balances are so strong, we're, we're able to just take take it in our stride.

00:11:43.000 --> 00:11:53.000
If we didn't have the healthy capital reserve and we had to find that money we'd be in crisis mode, we'd be trying to figure out you know what books we don't want to buy what ours we need

00:11:53.000 --> 00:11:56.000
to curtail, etc., etc.

00:11:56.000 --> 00:12:10.000
So what we ended up really the coming up with was a a bland, pretty aggressive recommendation for trust and agency.

00:12:10.000 --> 00:12:17.000
Almost 2 million. let's I think 1.7 5 that would that would put a very big hole in our justin agency phones.

00:12:17.000 --> 00:12:24.000
On the other hand, the dare for purpose. and if we are doing a wonderful improvement to the library.

00:12:24.000 --> 00:12:37.000
We think it's a wonderful way to spend it capital reserve it's gonna be with a caveat that the time the village will take care of future capital repairs and projects.

00:12:37.000 --> 00:12:48.000
We think we can run it down you know it's there because up until now we've been reading responsible for everything, and we needed to have it.

00:12:48.000 --> 00:12:54.000
But if we don't need to be responsible in the future then it really doesn't need to be there.

00:12:54.000 --> 00:13:00.000
We should keep it with a small amount of money and it because it could be a vehicle to process grants in the future.

00:13:00.000 --> 00:13:04.000
But that's about it. the municipal fund balance.

00:13:04.000 --> 00:13:07.000
It's very healthy it's 650,000.

00:13:07.000 --> 00:13:15.000
So we we wouldn't want to wipe it out because again, that's very important to us, and it it.

00:13:15.000 --> 00:13:19.000
It helps us, overcome unexpected challenges.

00:13:19.000 --> 00:13:24.000
But there's a balance so we're doing 2 things With this we're recommending 2 50.

00:13:24.000 --> 00:13:28.000
Would you bring it down to 400 and in the draft budget.

00:13:28.000 --> 00:13:35.000
We're also recommending reducing our anticipated charge against it sort of we're we're not likely to run it down.

00:13:35.000 --> 00:13:41.000
We have a 250,000 on a grant so that that's that's a no brainer.

00:13:41.000 --> 00:13:49.000
And then we looked at the budget and We have a couple of things working in our favor.

00:13:49.000 --> 00:13:53.000
There's a $45,000 Loan repayment with night.

00:13:53.000 --> 00:14:06.000
But that's ending in february so that money's freed up. and then again, if we're not going to be responsible in the future for funding capital projects, the $45,000 allowance that we've been budgeting

00:14:06.000 --> 00:14:14.000
for the last 10 years is trade up. So that gives us 90,000, and then by restructuring salaries.

00:14:14.000 --> 00:14:19.000
Because we had so many senior libraries like we can free up some more money there.

00:14:19.000 --> 00:14:23.000
So we're able to come up a 175,000 a year.

00:14:23.000 --> 00:14:33.000
Commitment without putting the library on their fiscal stress or dress, and I talked to

00:14:33.000 --> 00:14:42.000
Brian, the town controller, and, you know bond bondrakes vary all the time, and depends on the link, etc., etc.

00:14:42.000 --> 00:14:47.000
But based on the last bond The time did. This is this is a I guess, of what?

00:14:47.000 --> 00:14:59.000
1, 75 a year would support. So where the position to make, I think, a fantastic contribution just a small public library of slide now.

00:14:59.000 --> 00:15:13.000
Yes, the recommendation i'm also gonna show you John, is it okay? For if I ask a quick question because I I know I

00:15:13.000 --> 00:15:20.000
I missed our last from where we talked about cost estimates and things like that, so I don't.

00:15:20.000 --> 00:15:28.000
If this came up I apologize. The potential renovations to the library are pretty amazing.

00:15:28.000 --> 00:15:39.000
And we hope are gonna drop not just increased utilization of the library by existing people. But more people in both locations.

00:15:39.000 --> 00:15:45.000
I know we've had some staff reductions but are we anticipating that we may also see potential growth in the future.

00:15:45.000 --> 00:15:50.000
As a result of the changes? And do we need to account for that in any way or like?

00:15:50.000 --> 00:15:58.000
How should we be thinking about how the impact might actually also require a growth in staff?

00:15:58.000 --> 00:16:09.000
Yeah, this one this wasn't really allow for that so it would be pretty much taking our current staffing structure and committing to that, hey?

00:16:09.000 --> 00:16:15.000
Someone i'm seeing I I don't think that's an issue, because it's really very quiet.

00:16:15.000 --> 00:16:23.000
I'm. i'm doing a deep dive into the statistics that i'll be sharing with you next month some interesting data in there.

00:16:23.000 --> 00:16:27.000
But but yeah, I mean it's it's kind of an unknown.

00:16:27.000 --> 00:16:33.000
So but yeah, it in we have a little bit of room in there.

00:16:33.000 --> 00:16:43.000
But no, we we wouldn't have a lot of flex If we wanted to add more positions it's based on our current staffing plus a half time team like that.

00:16:43.000 --> 00:16:50.000
That's that could help cover and have I Okay, that's helpful.

00:16:50.000 --> 00:16:57.000
I mean, I think that's good to know just thinking about Where are the places where we're putting potential like constraints on ourselves.

00:16:57.000 --> 00:17:04.000
But okay, right, so, just so you fully understand what we're recommending

00:17:04.000 --> 00:17:07.000
Here's the here's a mantle that that I'm.

00:17:07.000 --> 00:17:19.000
I think we should explains that, following calculation, details to libraries, ability to part finance, future projects, and branch library in the main library. This is a good fight.

00:17:19.000 --> 00:17:22.000
Estimate of the Library Board of Trustees. It needs to be understood.

00:17:22.000 --> 00:17:34.000
The following assumptions are in place the board it's running down his capital reserve on the understanding that future capital projects, such as the drainage project, will be funded by the municipalities as parity ima live 2

00:17:34.000 --> 00:17:39.000
99 can be used to make repayments on municipal bonds for 2023.

00:17:39.000 --> 00:17:49.000
It has been substantially increased to $175,000, based on current interest, that it place to approximately a 2.7 million dollar bond.

00:17:49.000 --> 00:17:57.000
It's increased in line. 2 99 is contingent upon a 1 point, 9% funding increase in 2023 libraries.

00:17:57.000 --> 00:18:03.000
Trust and agency reserves are to be used, Fun improvements to the library, not maintenance type projects.

00:18:03.000 --> 00:18:09.000
There is a $210,000 allowance for the vainage project.

00:18:09.000 --> 00:18:14.000
If this project is significantly more expensive, it will reduce the available funds.

00:18:14.000 --> 00:18:21.000
And this calculation is based upon the financial position effective today is subject to change.

00:18:21.000 --> 00:18:25.000
So. so it's it's a snapshot No. And how is how is the drainage project going?

00:18:25.000 --> 00:18:41.000
Do you will be significant over us it's like really impressive no, it's too early to tell, I think.

00:18:41.000 --> 00:18:45.000
But I haven't heard any problems yet it's too early to tell.

00:18:45.000 --> 00:18:54.000
I think but I Haven't heard any problems yet in day 4 now almost so we'll see they're hoping to be finished by September first.

00:18:54.000 --> 00:19:03.000
So we'll know pretty soon how it goes okay so done a question.

00:19:03.000 --> 00:19:16.000
Sure. I should probably know this, but the drainage project was not funded by the Ima, because we had a capital fund balance that we'd accumulated already.

00:19:16.000 --> 00:19:21.000
Or I mean, if we're making the assumption that future projects would come under.

00:19:21.000 --> 00:19:34.000
Village in town responsibilities is I mean, I guess i'm just wondering why it wouldn't apply in this case to yeah, then, really, to be honest, that needed to be done.

00:19:34.000 --> 00:19:39.000
We had the money, and we we went. We just went out as quickly as possible.

00:19:39.000 --> 00:19:45.000
You know but this is something that they'll need to look at, and be prepared to accept.

00:19:45.000 --> 00:19:53.000
I think I don't know you know I don't know.

00:19:53.000 --> 00:20:10.000
I don't know how to how to how this will fly but but we can not have a a large reserve, and then be expected to come up with $100,000 for for an emergency.

00:20:10.000 --> 00:20:18.000
Yeah, Yeah, I mean again, you know there's always this thing that we have to be aware of.

00:20:18.000 --> 00:20:28.000
You know we're like We're like the holy Trinity, the town, the village of library, where we're independent, but we're also part of the unified body and you know the money that we're spending on this

00:20:28.000 --> 00:20:32.000
came from them, and future money we're gonna get will come from them.

00:20:32.000 --> 00:20:42.000
So you know it's it's it they are paying for the advantage project, in a sense, because it's money that we've received from the town in the village.

00:20:42.000 --> 00:20:50.000
But yeah, I mean I I I think, given the nature of it fact that it was destroying our infrastructure, possibly creating, you know.

00:20:50.000 --> 00:20:57.000
The situation downstairs. you know border is dangerous and it's like linger for too long.

00:20:57.000 --> 00:21:02.000
Yeah, I I think not not wasting any time, and just committing to it.

00:21:02.000 --> 00:21:09.000
But it it's it does take the question you know what happens next time this happens.

00:21:09.000 --> 00:21:15.000
So I I think now it's the time but answer or ask it.

00:21:15.000 --> 00:21:23.000
I mean I think I agree I think it's time to lay it out that you know this is what the Ima says this is who's responsible?

00:21:23.000 --> 00:21:28.000
We're turning it over to you I mean to to the village in the town.

00:21:28.000 --> 00:21:42.000
The the obligation to pay for it because that's what's in the Ima, so it doesn't really make sense for us to be saving money to pay for these things if we're expecting them to pay for

00:21:42.000 --> 00:21:55.000
them. But if we give up on our reserves and we don't have this conversation, and the assumption is still that we're, we're gonna maintain you know, we're gonna be responsible for future problems.

00:21:55.000 --> 00:21:58.000
Then then we haven't we'll run into an issue again.

00:21:58.000 --> 00:22:07.000
But we have to be very clear with the village in the town, and we're talking to them about this whole project.

00:22:07.000 --> 00:22:17.000
Could you guys remind me when the is there a time duration term for the ima don't recall

00:22:17.000 --> 00:22:28.000
There might be 10 years on it. but I thinking I think, about 10 years.

00:22:28.000 --> 00:22:40.000
But an auto roll over, maybe. Okay.

00:22:40.000 --> 00:22:48.000
And John. This is another potentially naive question. but from a grant perspective.

00:22:48.000 --> 00:22:57.000
Are there, I I, and also understanding that writing and submitting for grants can be a full-time job on top of a voltage.

00:22:57.000 --> 00:23:07.000
Are there other grants or things available to us both for this like this particular project?

00:23:07.000 --> 00:23:22.000
But potentially things like other expenses? Or is the juice not worth the squeeze for lack of a better part funding The drainage project we were able to reallocate the 140,000 color library

00:23:22.000 --> 00:23:31.000
instruction program. Yeah, we've got the $250,000 simultaneously. So yeah, there's always the possibility of grants.

00:23:31.000 --> 00:23:39.000
And that's one of the reasons I suggested not closing the capital to deserve, Because, you know, we if there is a project, and we are able to get a grant, we can.

00:23:39.000 --> 00:23:48.000
We can put it in there. I would say yeah i've been running, and grants and getting grown for about 20 years.

00:23:48.000 --> 00:23:59.000
When you don't need them. you get them that that a lot of the if you're in a position to pursue with the project, you can get them.

00:23:59.000 --> 00:24:05.000
If You're not in a position because you need the money they're harder to get it's kind of a catch 22.

00:24:05.000 --> 00:24:10.000
They're obviously not something you can rely on for emergency more planned.

00:24:10.000 --> 00:24:25.000
But yeah, if if we do have a capital plan for a series or for a big renovation to the library, then that would definitely open the door to potentially getting a lot of money, it's 1.5 million going right now.

00:24:25.000 --> 00:24:35.000
for Westchester. The The applications are open but you need to have a project that's that's fairam, and that's definitely gonna happen.

00:24:35.000 --> 00:24:38.000
And it's too early in the process for that.

00:24:38.000 --> 00:24:44.000
So. yeah, I mean that would be definitely something we'd love to do

00:24:44.000 --> 00:24:50.000
Well, it will be interesting if the out in the village of the bonds do a project, and we're able to get a large brand as to what happens to it.

00:24:50.000 --> 00:24:54.000
But do you know that could be a reserve fund ready for me?

00:24:54.000 --> 00:25:05.000

00:25:05.000 --> 00:25:17.000
Are you all good with that. Do you do you think it's a reasonable offered to make or proposal

00:25:17.000 --> 00:25:28.000
Yeah, I think it's pretty amazing that we with 5 and a half 1 million dollars, you know, to put towards it in the first place.

00:25:28.000 --> 00:25:36.000
That's pretty impressive yeah, it really is it's pretty pretty astonishing.

00:25:36.000 --> 00:25:48.000
So it hopefully it'll be attractive enough to really get some of that from going and then the other part of my report.

00:25:48.000 --> 00:25:53.000
We've run into the the if people definitely change cause of Covid.

00:25:53.000 --> 00:25:57.000
We've always had a very strong coverage in the library on Sundays.

00:25:57.000 --> 00:26:05.000
All of our staff have been happy to work. But there was a lot less interest this go around when we talked about opening in the fall.

00:26:05.000 --> 00:26:18.000
So Martha had the idea. and and I it's a great idea of of doing what most of the libraries in the county do, which is to offer a carrots or current employees time and a half from

00:26:18.000 --> 00:26:26.000
Sundays benefits to us are that we get really good people working on Sundays, who who got?

00:26:26.000 --> 00:26:29.000
Not only do we know that that we can trust them to treat visitors.

00:26:29.000 --> 00:26:34.000
What we respect and competent, but they also know the building.

00:26:34.000 --> 00:26:40.000
I know everything is that they're not a way around so since we we we let out the word that we were considering this.

00:26:40.000 --> 00:26:47.000
Would you be interested in the flu. we've had 100% uptake for all that perfect.

00:26:47.000 --> 00:26:59.000
So it works. If if you approve it if you approve this, I can tell you that we can open for 4 months in the fall on Sundays, and then the plan is we'll evaluate it during the run see if it's if

00:26:59.000 --> 00:27:06.000
it. Mars staying open We're seeing very quiet evenings and fairly quiet Saturdays, but who knows?

00:27:06.000 --> 00:27:17.000
You know. Maybe we'll finally get out of this in the fall. John, is that incremental cost impact the budget that you propose.

00:27:17.000 --> 00:27:24.000
Oh, that it's it's it was already a pretty healthy allowance Sundays and because we didn't open for the first half of the year. we're gonna be quite under that so yeah.

00:27:24.000 --> 00:27:36.000
we're fine, and John, does it commit us to any sort of rate that we would have to pay non staff members time and a half.

00:27:36.000 --> 00:27:45.000
Can we still offer just time or any? Yeah. So if if people from outside the library, you know, Wanna: sign up for a slot, we have.

00:27:45.000 --> 00:27:50.000
We have generic pay rates to Sunday librarians for Sunday library clerks.

00:27:50.000 --> 00:27:56.000
But this this is just for for basically for the Csa people on our books.

00:27:56.000 --> 00:28:04.000
And this is a pretty common thing in the county. Actually, some people are familiar with it.

00:28:04.000 --> 00:28:10.000
Is it create any holes with respect to weekday no, no, it's

00:28:10.000 --> 00:28:21.000
So our our our Union contract, Dick, is, is a 6 day a week contract Monday to Saturday, and we staff Saturdays as part of that contract, and people get a day off during a week.

00:28:21.000 --> 00:28:26.000
When they work at Saturday sundays extra so if you want to work with Sunday.

00:28:26.000 --> 00:28:35.000
It doesn't have any impact on your wiki schedule

00:28:35.000 --> 00:28:51.000
Okay, John, before do you want to talk about the extension to the contract with when I was away you had an interesting conversation, and you you made the point that there were a lot of great visuals, but there wasn't

00:28:51.000 --> 00:29:00.000
anything for the children's room, and it makes sense in one way but it also seems strange to another.

00:29:00.000 --> 00:29:06.000
So this this master plan is really good vision right us what was it they say you're looking at it from 35,000 feet, you know.

00:29:06.000 --> 00:29:11.000
So it's it's it's laying out the structure it's laying out of great ideas.

00:29:11.000 --> 00:29:17.000
It's not going into the detail so most of the striking visuals there.

00:29:17.000 --> 00:29:31.000
They're not as detailed as you think you know for example, the the visual of the stacks being pulled back, and extra tables and shares, you know, when it comes down to it we'll have to figure

00:29:31.000 --> 00:29:36.000
out. What do we do with the railings? You know what type of carpeting are we using?

00:29:36.000 --> 00:29:43.000
What electrical are we putting in? What are the fixtures, what tables, what shares, how many of them?

00:29:43.000 --> 00:29:50.000
What are we doing with the ceiling group? what are we doing with the lights, you know. there's a lot of There's not a lot of detail there, but because it changes so dramatic.

00:29:50.000 --> 00:29:57.000
It gives you a really good sense of what we're doing so the children's room kind of fell into a gap.

00:29:57.000 --> 00:30:05.000
I think the really big thing that's happening to the children's room is that it's becoming much bigger. It's right.

00:30:05.000 --> 00:30:17.000
Now we have one rectangle we're going to create a second rectangle for programs, and then we're also gonna create an outdoor space attached to it.

00:30:17.000 --> 00:30:26.000
So the one space is going to become 3 spaces but it hasn't been a lot of detail before that original space. So

00:30:26.000 --> 00:30:35.000
I talked to the 2 David at one of our design group meetings, but we we actually shared the video of you guys talking, which is very helpful.

00:30:35.000 --> 00:30:52.000
And we all agree that if there was a a couple of compelling visuals that we could have ready for when we're presenting statistics, the village, it would be very helpful but equally, we don't want that to

00:30:52.000 --> 00:30:55.000
be something that we don't want to commit to or that's not right for us.

00:30:55.000 --> 00:31:01.000
So what I agreed with Henry was he'll do a an extension.

00:31:01.000 --> 00:31:05.000
He and his team are going to open with janet our great children's librarian.

00:31:05.000 --> 00:31:19.000
It's gonna cost about 6 6 9,000 the the terms will be hourly rate, only building not to the 6,500, and we're gonna get at least 2 really stunning visuals from it which will show one the

00:31:19.000 --> 00:31:33.000
the children's room an idea of what it's gonna look like and then also it's gonna give a sense of how the children's area is is becoming more efficient and bigger we're lucky we have henry I think

00:31:33.000 --> 00:31:40.000
he's telling himself to be really really talented and we're also look at how Janet is absolutely brilliant children's librarian.

00:31:40.000 --> 00:31:43.000
So i'm i'm really excited to see what they they come up with.

00:31:43.000 --> 00:31:52.000
I told it that some of you might have ideas or be interested, and she said that please feel free to pop in any time and sit down with her and have a chat.

00:31:52.000 --> 00:32:04.000
Share your ideas, and she'll tell you what she's thinking. and the goal is to try to get the same out pretty quickly, so that we'll have something ready for a presentations at the end of september that's

00:32:04.000 --> 00:32:15.000
really awesome news. Thank you for doing that. That feels it was more just like knowing how core that has been to our plans, and thinking through like, How do we galvanize?

00:32:15.000 --> 00:32:27.000
Not just the town in the village, but the community behind the plans, and like acceptable discomfort of renovation being able to show them what they're getting at the end of that from a kids.

00:32:27.000 --> 00:32:37.000
Perspective, I I think, is really important. So it's a good observation. and, i'm really excited to see what they come up with.

00:32:37.000 --> 00:32:48.000
Actually also really impressive so that's so I mean overall.

00:32:48.000 --> 00:32:53.000
I'm. I I think we can be pretty proud of what we've done with the master plan.

00:32:53.000 --> 00:32:57.000
I I, John, one quick question. budget lives. Are they out of budget?

00:32:57.000 --> 00:33:06.000
Are we? we totally maxed out, and this is an incremental hi on!

00:33:06.000 --> 00:33:13.000
Hang on a minute. And this very involved one. Yeah, you see.

00:33:13.000 --> 00:33:19.000
Well, th did that thing Just jump on you guys. It just shrunk on me.

00:33:19.000 --> 00:33:38.000
Yeah Thank you Dick, that's what i'm trying to show you I've put in 15% allowance go to $14,000.

00:33:38.000 --> 00:33:45.000
If yeah, that was a contingency. And this is a contingency. Yeah.

00:33:45.000 --> 00:33:54.000
So capital projects. 95,000 spent. the allowance was 109,000

00:33:54.000 --> 00:34:00.000
Cause I feel like we've got incredible hands on attention from Henry.

00:34:00.000 --> 00:34:04.000
You know he's been really all over this he's put in a huge amount of time.

00:34:04.000 --> 00:34:10.000
And I i'm pretty confident we're gonna get really good value for money.

00:34:10.000 --> 00:34:34.000
With this soon. that's something beautiful. and then we're done yeah, we focus on on hopefully coming back like in this in the fall where people really okay?

00:34:34.000 --> 00:34:40.000
So this one through the resolutions unless anyone else has any questions.

00:34:40.000 --> 00:34:48.000
Okay, the first. Oh, I I do have a question just generally because obviously the 5 and a half 1 million dollars doesn't pay for the entire the entire effort.

00:34:48.000 --> 00:34:57.000
Do we have any better sense of where things stand with the pound in the village prior to our making this formal presentation?

00:34:57.000 --> 00:35:02.000
No, I mean, what we do know is that David Benjamin Murray has been incredibly helpful.

00:35:02.000 --> 00:35:08.000
Also met with the mayor we're doing this at their request.

00:35:08.000 --> 00:35:15.000
So I think it's a positive sign and I think they're trying to get together with the town with a view.

00:35:15.000 --> 00:35:24.000
Perhaps, instead of us meeting each of those separately having a joint meeting which which would address the integrating pretty quickly.

00:35:24.000 --> 00:35:37.000
Yeah, hey? hey, John? I spoke to the board at a work session brought them up to speed on the project, and I think it's I love your vision.

00:35:37.000 --> 00:35:41.000
But I think if you come in I I love this presentation tonight, I think it's excellent.

00:35:41.000 --> 00:35:45.000
I think if you come in and show them your vision with the pictures.

00:35:45.000 --> 00:35:52.000
That will help teach them, and persuade them that this is the right thing to do.

00:35:52.000 --> 00:35:58.000
Hi but the key is i'm definitely on board I love it.

00:35:58.000 --> 00:36:07.000
I'm gonna help you as much as I can from my end I just think it's the right thing to do I realize it's expensive, but I just think it's this is the future.

00:36:07.000 --> 00:36:22.000
Of the library. come in, do your presentation and Tommy, you're you're expecting pushback.

00:36:22.000 --> 00:36:29.000
I don't I don't really know to be quite honest, I I

00:36:29.000 --> 00:36:36.000
I I think I think you just have to come in and do your diligence, and just back to socks off for the presentation.

00:36:36.000 --> 00:36:43.000
And you know i'm certainly gonna work on my end but I think call was very open.

00:36:43.000 --> 00:36:48.000
Minded, you know, A couple of other members asked questions. but you you you definitely gotta come in.

00:36:48.000 --> 00:36:56.000
And they present it alright. Thank you.

00:36:56.000 --> 00:37:09.000
So it's an I think it's a known unknown

00:37:09.000 --> 00:37:15.000
Is to formally accept the master plan which was posted on our our drive.

00:37:15.000 --> 00:37:20.000
And to, you know, just formally, thank A 2 for their wonderful work.

00:37:20.000 --> 00:37:33.000
And the vision they created. Is it is inspiring and also to approve of the memo, the attached letter that John showed us that would go along with the master plant village in the town?

00:37:33.000 --> 00:37:40.000
So we're authorizing John to share all of that with the village in the town.

00:37:40.000 --> 00:37:46.000
Do. I have a motion? Let me see everybody. So I Yeah.

00:37:46.000 --> 00:38:00.000
Frank has second by James on favor. Okay, The next mo resolution is to authorized John to sign an agreement with Hma.

00:38:00.000 --> 00:38:06.000
2 for additional architectural services for some not to succeed.

00:38:06.000 --> 00:38:10.000
$6,500. Do I have a motion?

00:38:10.000 --> 00:38:16.000
Or that Julie second bye, Dick, all in favor.

00:38:16.000 --> 00:38:37.000
Hi, I and last The next one is to, you know, with the intent of opening on Sundays for the fall to see how well it goes to pay librarians at one and a half times their hour Well, yeah

00:38:37.000 --> 00:38:47.000
can I have a motion for that i'm motion okay, donna second bye, all in favor.

00:38:47.000 --> 00:38:52.000
Hi: Yeah, unless does anyone have any? I have a question.

00:38:52.000 --> 00:39:06.000
Sorry it's not new business, and I should have asked this before, and it's a little weird, because tom's here, and whatever, but in negotiations I have always been taught that you don't go in with your full and

00:39:06.000 --> 00:39:10.000
playing your full hand about what you can contribute and so i'm just curious.

00:39:10.000 --> 00:39:17.000
If there's I don't know if this situation is the same as situations, I've been in there obvious differences.

00:39:17.000 --> 00:39:21.000
But do we go in with the call 5 and a half 1 million because that's basically our.

00:39:21.000 --> 00:39:27.000
And say, This is as much as we can possibly contribute and have a future safe, etc.

00:39:27.000 --> 00:39:31.000
And here at the acknowledgment or Do we go in slightly less, and then contribute more later.

00:39:31.000 --> 00:39:44.000
I'm just I don't know what the negotiations have been like when your public body negotiations are interesting, like the government, you know, having a law that they're not able to negotiate drug

00:39:44.000 --> 00:39:50.000
prices. I think I think if we go in below 5 and a 1 million this video might kill us.

00:39:50.000 --> 00:39:55.000
No I would say best and final you know this is just we're not playing games.

00:39:55.000 --> 00:40:04.000
This is it you want us to maintain the quality library services that we've been maintaining for years.

00:40:04.000 --> 00:40:18.000
We can do that with this if we go further than this I we're, you know we're vulnerable we're vulnerable to to crisis. you know there's also the well speaking of of

00:40:18.000 --> 00:40:22.000
negotiation. We have labor negotiations coming up this fall, too, which is another thing.

00:40:22.000 --> 00:40:30.000
So, and you know, I think the csea will probably have noticed that it's 10% inflation right now.

00:40:30.000 --> 00:40:33.000
So it's kind of a lot of pressure on this there we're also getting hit.

00:40:33.000 --> 00:40:37.000
Interestingly, they would a lot of search charges from our vendors.

00:40:37.000 --> 00:40:42.000
They're just trying to keep their heads up water so This is a you know.

00:40:42.000 --> 00:40:53.000
This is, I think I think it's buddy amazing

00:40:53.000 --> 00:41:01.000
Nice. Thank you. Appreciation for this. Yeah.

00:41:01.000 --> 00:41:13.000
Hey? anybody else any other questions? Nope. no Yes, We'll move on to our motion to adjourn. Wow!