Stephen has no one who could take important decisions for him. Both his mom and his grandfather are dead, leaving Stephen completely alone. Stephen gradually starts to feel a strong affection from the Greens, the family who is taking care of Stephen’s dad and are providing shelter for them. He also starts building a friendly bond with Jackson and his friends. All the care and friendliness makes Stephen take some decisions that he finds the most joy in, such as playing baseball with Jackson and his friends. This makes him realize that he should start making decisions that he wants, not what his dead grandpa would want him to take. Everything is going smoothly until one day, where Stephen and Jenny, Jackson’s adopted sister, play a prank that goes wrong. This was a huge turning point for them and the whole Settler’s Landing. Overall, there is an excellent plot and plenty of heartwarming moments, which makes this book worthy of reading.

This book has succeeded in its job of hooking the reader into the story. This book has a unique, yet interesting plot that motivates the reader to keep on reading. I remember when I read this book, I couldn’t keep track of the time. I would read for hours. Every chapter of this book had a turning point, which led to a change in the majority of the characters. Most characters changed for the better. One important theme that I learned from this book is that “when you are yourself, you enjoy life more”. This theme reminds the readers to never be in someone’s shadow and to be themselves.

This book is for someone who enjoys reading science fiction novels. This story is packed with action, drama, emotions, chaos, and adventure. It is filled with several plot twists that keep the readers entertained. If you enjoyed this book, then you check out other Hirsch’s novels.