With its vivid details and descriptive anecdotes, "The Glass Castle" gives readers an inside look into Walls' hardships and how she overcame these struggles to eventually find success.

This was truly an amazing and inspiring story to read that was conveyed so beautifully through Walls' use of imagery and her descriptive diction. Walls is able to capture a feeling of being present during the events of her life and places you in her shoes. The emotions she felt during each moment described in the book come across so vividly through her words. I admire Walls' ability to transport the reader into an environment that is so different from anything most people have experienced. I thought this was such an eye opening book that not only gave me a broader perspective on the types of hardships others have to endure, but also showed me that you could achieve your goals with hard work and perseverance.

This book is mainly aimed toward adults or older readers since there are some mature themes and graphic events depicted in the book. I think anyone looking to read an inspiring story full of adventure and emotion should definitely read this book.