They escape him and make their way to a war museum. An enormous fire forces the children to relocate to the river, and eventually to the Tower of London. In this tower they meet the Waitrose and Morrison's crew from The Enemy, the first book in the seven-book series. They survived by scavenging for food and resources, but decided to go to Buckingham palace in search of a new way of life. This novel interests me because of its portrayal of how ordinary private school kids can become so strong and resourceful where it is the only way to survive. 

I enjoyed this book; I would give it a 7 out of 10. It kept me intrigued by the thought of what obstacles the kids had to conquer next. My favorite part of the novel was when the bus driver slowly turned into a zombie. I was fascinated by how his mind could just flip a switch and completely alter his actions. 

I recommend this novel for people that have a fascination with post-apocalyptic fiction and dystopian society. The primary age group of this book is in the late teens, because the reader can relate to the main characters on a personal level because of their struggle with becoming an adult.