This incident leads to the creation of a giant peach. Inside the giant peach, James found several creatures that become his friends. The creatures and James had made a strong bond and showed care toward each other and faced all the problems they had together.

Something that I enjoyed about this book is that it had an excellent plot that kept me glued to the book. I have read this novel several times during my childhood. Because of the frequent plot twists, such as James incidentally creating the most giant peach ever, made me even more eager to flip the pages of the book to discover what will happen next and how will this impact the characters in the book. Adding on, I felt that because of all the events occurring in James’ life led to a development in James’ character, making him a stronger and a better person. Overall, this book has an excellent theme and is very entertaining, which makes this book worthy of reading.

I would recommend this book to ages 7-12, who enjoy reading fantasy. Children would enjoy reading this novel because it allows them to escape the real world and enter into a world filled with imagination.