Despite being from completely different worlds, the four protagonists come together over their shared experience of being suspects in a murder investigation as well as being victims of Simon's gossip site. The release of these secrets following Simon's death causes more conflict and drama in the narrators' lives in addition to making them appear guilty by giving them a motive for wanting Simon dead.

I absolutely loved this book and the four main characters in it. I like how the story is told from each of their perspectives, which not only allows the reader to hear the thoughts of each character but to also experience the events of the novel from different points of view. I really enjoyed how each of the four main characters were different from one another and how they evolve from seemingly stereotypical archetypes to complex characters that are more than just how they appear on the surface. I think all of the characters had a really great development and I loved seeing their friendship grow over the course of the story. As someone who loves mysteries, I found the plot to be very interesting and I was always on the edge of my seat, anticipating the reveal of who killed Simon.

I think this book has a lot to offer to a wide range of audiences. Anyone who likes mystery, suspense, and drama should definitely read this book.