The two boys meet through an app called Last Friend that unites "Deckers" with companions they can spend their last day with. Rufus and Mateo then meet each other in-person to help each other live out their last day to the fullest. The catch is: neither of them know when or how they will die, so as their relationship strengthens, mortal peril lurks closer and closer.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. While it may have been a little more fast-paced than I preferred, it was nonetheless engaging and well-planned out. One of my favorite aspects of the book was that it switched perspectives from chapter to chapter, not only between Rufus and Mateo, but also between other stranger whose stories are cleverly interwoven with Rufus and Mateo's journey. The two protagonists show significant development as the book progresses in a way that is not easily lost on the reader; as Mateo and Rufus learn lessons from one another, Silvera skillfully relays these messages back to the reader. Ultimately, though the concept of "what would you do if you know you were going to die today" may not be original, Silvera certainly provides a unique twist to the idea that is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

This book is best for teenagers aged 13 and up, or those who enjoy young adult novels. While the concept of death discussed throughout the book may be too dark for some audiences, the book is generally upbeat and even comedic at times. If you enjoy speculative fiction or a cute LGBTQ+ tale, I highly recommend this novel!