Our protagonist Gregg Heffley is just like any other middle school boy. He loves video games, comics, and is always coming up with hilarious schemes to be as cool as possible which inevitably fail. This time Gregg is trying his best to stay on Santa's nice list and make it through the Holiday season without causing too much trouble.

Cabin Fever is yet another hilarious book in the series. Jeff Kinney does an excellent job at making the book really seem like Gregg Heffley wrote it. Gregg acts as the unreliable narrator writing things from his perspective to make it seem like he is always in the right when in reality he's not. This makes Gregg more relatable which in turn makes the book even funnier. It is however not as good as the first 4 entries in the series which is why it gets an 8. Still I would recommend that you read it as it holds up very well on its own.

This book is for kids in Elementary and Middle school. They will find Gregg as a character they can relate to and laugh at.