Yet, just a one in a million chance encounter changes everything, when a man in a bookstore, remembers her name, something that hasn't happened in nearly 300 years. Will this finally give Addie the chance to be remembered and make her mark?

I truly loved this book. As a lover of words and books, I felt that this book pushed me to remember how important stories truly are. They are a way to live a thousand lives, and this novel definitely allows you to join Addie's journey in living a multitude of different lives, while seeing the world through her eyes. As we stick with her through her trials and tribulations, her worst nights, and her best, you as the reader become the dreamer with the character. My first thoughts were that it was a spin-off on the Age of Adeline but the way the author captures your thoughts and emotions surpasses any previous ideas you may have.

I would recommend this for ages 18+. There is violence, drug and alcohol use, along with mature content throughout the book. It is categorized as an Adult Fiction Book, and the 448 page book is better suited for older readers.