This book ended up being very good, but it took a long time to get into any action. Foley also switches between the many characters to give insight into the secrets and mysteries from different perspectives. While it was super interesting to see how everything was intertwined, it was a little difficult to get into. If you can push through some initial confusion and detail dumps, it makes for an extremely compelling mystery.

I read this as a book club book with my sorority, and it was the perfect book for that scenario. It was so much fun to meet each week to discuss theories and who we thought was up to no good, so if you are looking for your next book club read, look no further. It is also perfect to enjoy alone, as I found myself wanting to read ahead of the week's chapters fairly often. If you like mystery and solving crimes, this is also right up your alley. I would recommend this more for 16+ readers, as some scenes do get slightly graphic.