After reading the first book, I was eager to read the Kingdom of the Cursed. For the most part, I was not disappointed. I was expecting the development between Wrath and Emilia to be sudden and disconnected from the plot, but I think it is safe to say that their relationship progress was a healthy one. I was especially pleased with the character arc of Emilia, who I thought was going to turn into a pushover in this novel. I was a bit disappointed with the ending of the novel. I found it rushed, and there were some areas of the ending that were quite confusing to me. I had to re-read them a couple times before actually understanding what was happening. Other than the finale, this book was very enjoyable to me.

This book was supposed to be Young Adult, but would be classified more on the border of Young Adult and New Adult (YA / NA). My recommended audience for this book would be 17+.