I have loved Marissa Meyer's books for a while, and was deeply anticipating the finale to her Renegade Trilogy. I am so happy that she did not disappoint. My favorite part of this book was the tension; the betrayal between Nova and Adrian. It was hard, but very fun to read. Although I could predict how this book were to finish, there was a unique flavor to this book that made in captivating until the very end.

I also enjoyed how this book was in a third-person limited P.O.V., switching between Adrian and Nova. I enjoy books that offer more than one perspective, so you really know what goes on inside the minds of certain characters. Knowing what different characters are thinking also means that there will often be times where the readers know details that other characters do not, and leaves them in anticipation for what would happen next. Overall, I was hooked into this story from beginning to end. Once I picked up this book, it was quite hard to put back down. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone to read!

This book is for Young Adults (YA); ages 14 – 18.