The Board of Trustees governs the Library. Each member of the nine person Library Board is appointed for five years. The Village and the Town each appoint four members; the final (ninth) appointment alternates between the Town and the Village.

The Board of Trustees meets monthly at the Main Library at 7.00pm (with the exception of August, when there is no meeting). All meetings are open to the public and library patrons are encouraged to attend if they have questions or concerns.

Current Trustees:

> Emil Muccin (Chair - Town)

> James Riina (Town)

> Julie Edwards (Village)

> Jorge Marmol (Vice-chair - Town)

> Larry Levine (Town)

> Marcie Krauss (Fiscal Office - Village)

> Mary Ann Quinn (Secretary - Village)

> Richard Malina (Town)

> Robert Huerster (Village)