MPPL: Use of Janet Cooper Dakin Children’s Room

In the interests of the safety of children who use the Library, and to ensure equal access to our resources for all of our patrons, the Library Board of Trustees has established the following rules for the use of the Children’s Room.  It should be noted that all rules detailed in the Library’s Code of Conduct apply to the Children’s Room. However, the Library recognizes that allowances need to be made for children. The Library also welcomes children with special needs of any age to the Children’s Room.

The materials in the Children’s Room are selected for children up to, and including, 6th Grade. While all patrons, children and adults, are welcome to use the Children’s Room to find materials that they need, Library recognizes that use of the Children’s Room for children in 6th grade and under, and their caregivers, is paramount.

We recognize that sometimes special needs children may require individualized support or find it difficult to behave in a quiet and calm way.  Parents  and caregivers of children with special needs are encouraged to communicate to the library staff any information they feel is appropriate so that our staff can be empowered to make the child’s visit to the Library a positive experience.

The PCs in the Children’s Room are reserved for children up to and including 6th grade, and their care-givers, and children with special needs of any age.

All users of the Children’s Room are asked to remember that noise and movement can be distracting and create an uncomfortable environment for other patrons. In the event of a prolonged period of disruptive behavior, the library reserves the right to ask the child, or caregiver, to leave the Children’s Room until the situation or behavior has abated.

Baby bottles and covered sippy cups are permitted in the Children’s Room but may be limited by library personnel if it is determined that they are being used carelessly and could damage library property.

Library employees reserve the right to intervene and to clarify rules when the comfort and safety of our patrons and/or the integrity of the library facility are compromised.    Any person not abiding by these rules may be required to leave the library premises.  

Approved December 2009