Purpose of Library Video Surveillance

The Library monitors and records activity on its premises to discourage and document illegal activity and violations of Library Policy.  The use of video surveillance is intended to enhance patron and staff safety and protect property.

This policy outlines the location of cameras, the monitoring and review of live and recorded activity and the Library’s responsibility to maintain and protect patron privacy and confidentiality.

Security Camera Location
Signs indicating the use of video surveillance are posted at Library entrances.  The Library Director authorizes the placement of cameras with the approval of the Library Trustees. Cameras are placed to view and record activity only in common areas where there is no expectation of privacy.

Viewing of Live Surveillance
Live feeds of select Library common areas will be viewable to library staff and, in some instances, may be viewable to the general public.  No areas where there is a reasonable expectation to privacy will be under surveillance. As monitoring of live camera feeds is not constant, the public and staff should always take precautions to secure their own safety and personal property.

Viewing of Video Recordings
Access to video recordings is kept secure.  Personnel authorized by the Library Director may review recordings to:
•    assure proper functioning of equipment
•    identify perpetrators of criminal activity or violators of Library Policy
•    monitor afterhours activity
•    assist law enforcement in emergency situations (e.g., lost or missing person searches)

Disclosure of Video Recordings
Stills or video recordings revealing criminal activity or infractions of Library Policy may be shared with law enforcement or other relevant entities for the purpose of identification. Recordings will be released to law enforcement when such release is required by law.  Additionally, the Library Director may release footage to law enforcement to investigate issues unrelated to the Library.

Recordings that include personally identifiable information will be protected as outlined in the Library’s Privacy Policy.

Retention of Recordings
Recordings will be retained until the allotted retention space has been filled or for twenty-one days, whichever comes first.  Recordings that document illegal activity or infractions of Library Policy may be retained if needed for an ongoing investigation or litigation.