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The Mount Pleasant Public Library has launched a planning process to help it better serve pre-teens, particularly in the after-school period. We hope that you will help us better serve you by responding to our public survey.

The process, which is based around community engagement, will look at the challenges and opportunities the Library faces due to its proximity to three local schools. In a “walking community” such as Pleasantville, in which schools have limited parking and challenging traffic flow, the Library has become a convenient alternative after-school pick-up spot for parents. However, this has simultaneously created safety concerns for the Library in terms of adequate adult supervision, the dangers of a more active parking lot, and the atmosphere of the Library for all patrons during the after-school time slot.

The planning process will last for approximately five months and will include a public survey, visits to other public libraries, one-on-one interviews, a series of roundtables and it will be capped off with a half-day retreat. The Library has engaged Plan A, a management consulting firm with wide experience in the field of non-profits, to assist with this process.


Made possible by the support of The Friends of the Mount Plesant Public Library.